Watchers Glitch

The Watchers Glitch is a glitch in Dark Souls III in which the player is able to bypass a trigger past the Fog Gate of Abyss Watchers which normally causes the Boss to attack the player, by performing a few specific movements in sequence inside the boss room, causing Abyss Watchers to fully freeze.

  • The Abyss Watchers do not attack you at all when executing this glitch. Even not in Phase 2. The cutscene will play, but even after the cutscene the AI remains frozen.
  • The initial glitch was discovered by Weskerrun and later further developed by Distortion2
  • The glitch only works on Patch 1.05 and later versions.
  • This glitch serves as successor for another glitch found on a earlier game version but using a similar method namely: Cinder_Glitch

Tutorial Video

Left Side Setup (currently used)

Right Side Setup (obsolete)

Watchers Glitch Setups by Nemz38 and I_r_Foole