Frequently Asked Questions

Item Dupe & Tumblebuff

  • I can't Item Dupe or Tumblebuff. Why?

*Item_Dupe & Tumblebuff do NOT work in current patch. There is no different method as of right now. Read the respective wiki page or Downpatching for further information.*


  • Steam console is not working. Why?

Launch Steam (NOT Offline Mode). Download the latest release of Steam Manifest Patcher. Launch SteamDepotDownpatcher.exe. Try again. If you receive any error, try restarting Steam. Note that you have to launch SteamDepotDownpatcher.exe again whenever you restart Steam if you want to download a depot. Alternatively, use DepotDownloader.

  • I am getting an error during the downpatching process using the Downpatcher.

Make sure to use vanilla game files, without any modification or additional files in your game folder, before attempting to downpatch using this method. Verify integrity of your files via Steam or, if you still get an error: uninstall Dark Souls III, make sure C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DARK SOULS III is deleted, reinstall Dark Souls III. Repeat the downpatching process. If you still get an error, consider using a different method like Downpatching.

  • My game won't launch or I get a blackscreen after downpatching.

Make sure Steam is not trying to auto-update your game by right-clicking Dark Souls III in your library > Properties > Updates > set "Automatic Updates" to "Only update this game when I launch it" (or change the value for AutoUpdateBehavior to 1 in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\appmanifest_374320.acf). Try to delete your existing game folder before replacing it with the appropriate version. This is to prevent any errors from additional files (e.g. any modification to the game folder prior to downpatching). Delete your save file again before letting the game create a new file on launch. If you are still experiencing random crashes or your game does not launch, consider re-downloading the appropriate version. If you are using the Downpatcher, see answer above.

  • After downpatching, I am on Version 1.XX Regulation 1.35. Is this right?

This is not right. First, try and delete your save file: Open Search Bar and type %appdata% OR press Windows Key + R and type %appdata% > hit enter > go to DarkSoulsIII folder > Open the folder with a bunch of numbers and letters > backup the .sl2 files and remove them from the AppData folder and restart the game. If that does not work, replace your Data0 files in your \Game directory with the Data0 files from the appropriate downpatch version (refer to our Discord server). These files hold the regulation changes of the game. If that does not work, please consider downpatching again.

  • My game is crashing repeatedly in the second DLC.

See answer above.

  • "The game version and save data version are different."

Delete your save file like mentioned above. Deleting your character does NOT equal deleting your save file.

Save Organizer

  • I'm having trouble locating my save file.

AppData is hidden by default. To locate it, press Windows Key + R, type %appdata% and hit enter or: open File Explorer > View > Hidden Items and follow C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\DarkSoulsIII\<numbers>.


  • My controller is not working anymore after downpatching. Why?

There is no definite solution to this as of right now. Try re-installing USB or controller specific drivers or use a different USB slot. Consider a different tool for controller support.

  • My character is drifting or stops running when turning left/right via keyboard, preventing me from jumping.

Make sure to increase your controller deadzone via Durazno or Steam until the above mentioned issues are solved. Alternatively, unplug your controller whenever you need to use your keyboard.


  • I get invaded even though I am offline in Steam. Why?

To avoid NPC invasions (not Hodrick), Steam needs to be in Offline Mode as shown below. Appearing as offline in Steam does NOT equal Offline Mode. Note that you can not prevent NPC invasions in version 1.04 1.05. There is no currently known way to prevent NPC invasions on console. Alternatively, you can select System > Quit Game before getting invaded, then quitout once you are past the event trigger.


  • Are the Save Organizer or any of the listed mods safe to use online?

Please do not ask if any specific mod is going to get you banned. It is unlikely you are going to get a reliable answer here. The Save Organizer does not modify Dark Souls III in any way. Keep a backup of your files without any modification to use online. Do not use any of the listed mods unless Steam is in Offline Mode.

Doll Skip

  • I fall to my death in Irithyll when using Doll Skip in Any% No TearDrop. Why?

In order to complete the entire skip, you can not quitout at any point after using spook to drop out of bounds, as Irithyll will not be loaded in otherwise.


  • I can't do a certain strategy in the speedrun.

Refer to Dark_Souls_III as well as the respective page for any Glitch or Skip you might struggle with. If you still have a question, refer to our Discord server.