Pewdiepie Skip

The Pewdiepie Skip is a minor skip in Dark Souls that lets the player open the locked door in Lower Undead Burg without first going through the dialogue with Griggs of Vinheim. It was originally simply called "Griggs Skip" but the well-known YouTuber PewDiePie accidentally triggered it in his Let's Play series of Dark Souls which made speedrunners name the skip after him.

It is mostly used in All Bosses routes that need to rescue Griggs right at the beginning.


To execute this skip, one must approach the door to Griggs at a roughly 90° angle towards the wall and quickly and repeatedly press the !X360 Button a.png | PS3 Cross png button to trigger the "Open door" action before being close enough to trigger the dialogue. It helps to approach the door at walking speed.

External Resources

  • PewDiePiew performing the skip on YouTube