Confirmation Box Behaviour

Confirmation boxes in Dark Souls maintain a persistent state for the choice they will default to between different confirmation boxes, and the default value (Yes or No) changes based on specific actions done prior to bringing up a confirmation box. The actions affecting it are listed below.

Keep in mind, "attempting" below refers to simply bringing up the confirmation box asking you to perform a certain action. Whether you can actually do it (having the necessary Souls or not) or whether you close the confirmation box without confirming does not matter.

Actions which set the default to NO

  • Bringing up the quitout confirmation box.
  • Attempting to drop an item.
  • Dialog message of Griggs.
  • Attempting to upgrade weapon/armor.
  • Levelling up or cancelling a level up.
  • Responding "No" to any NPC dialogue.
  • Attempting to reset item order.
  • Attempting to kindle a bonfire.
  • Attempting to reverse hollowing.

Actions which set the default to YES

  • Any time a loading screen is involved. This includes loading a game, starting a new game, invading or being summoned and entering the host's world, returning from an invasion or summoning, dying and respawning at a bonfire, using the Darksign, warping, using a Homeward Bone, or using the Homeward miracle.
  • Dialog message of Dusk.
  • Attempting to purchase an item.
  • Attempting to repair an item.

Actions which do not change the default

  • Choosing an option in any confirmation box, besides the "No" in NPC dialogue mentioned above.