Nightmare Frontier Skip

The Nightmare Frontier Skip is a skip in Bloodborne that allows the player to skip a large portion of the Nightmare Frontier in order to reach Amygdala faster. The skip is located at the shortcut elevator close to the Nightmare Frontier lamp. There are two ways of doing it.

In the first method you hit a specific rock during the drop, which will reset your fall damage, resulting in not dying from the drop. However, this method is precise and isn’t used in speedrun attempts.

In the second method you slide of the ledge, which will result in you hitting a rock a little bit below the ledge, and then quit out. When done correctly, you will spawn on the rock below the ledge and you will survive the drop.


  • [Nightmare Frontier Skip (No Quitout Version) (// by gamerfan8 JVC on YouTube
  • [Nightmare Frontier Skip tutorial (Quitout Version) (// by Ahady on YouTube
  • [Nightmare Frontier Skip (Quitout Version) using Sit Down gesture (// by zPinkman_ on YouTube